Complaints about removal firms

Ombudsman Services works with to ensure its panel of removals firms have a professional and independent alternative dispute resolution service available to users. is the UKs leading provider of instant quotes for home moving services. Removal firms registered with the site are companies that have passed its qualifying criteria and committed to its Code of Practice. Registered removal firms must have relevant insurance in place, take care of their removal vehicles and make customer service and dispute resolution commitments.

Complaining about a removal firm

Before you can access our service you must contact the removal firm to tell them that you are unhappy and to try to resolve any problems. The company must have a chance to resolve the problem for you. removal firms are required to have their own complaints processes, which you must follow.

If you are unsatisfied with the response from the removal company you should then escalate the complaint to and allow them time to investigate for you. You can email and you will receive a response within 10 working days.

Following both stages, if you still remain unhappy, or eight weeks have passed since you first complained to the removals company, you can have your complaint considered by us. 

Complaining to Ombudsman Services

When we can help

Before we will accept your complaint you must:

  • formally register your complaint with the company involved; 
  • allow the company and/or to investigate. 

If you are still unsatisfied or eight weeks have passed since you first made the complaint to the removals company, you can refer the matter to us via You must not have not already accepted a final settlement or resolution in relation to the complaint. Please email or call 01727 238010.

If you would prefer someone else, like a friend or family member, to handle your complaint for you we can make arrangements with you to do this.

What we cannot deal with

We cannot accept a complaint if it:

  • appears to be frivolous or vexatious;
  • has no reasonable prospect of success, recovery or redress;
  • is not about a registered removal firm;
  • has been or is subject to court proceedings, arbitration, or other independent procedure for the resolution of the complaint or dispute (unless there is proof that the aforementioned process has been abandoned, stayed or suspended);
  • is primarily about the behaviour of ‘third parties’;
  • was previously handled, unless significant evidence has come to the attention of the Ombudsman Services that may have an impact on the previously reached decision.

Ombudsman Services’ discretion

Ombudsman Services has absolute discretion to decide whether a complaint is within its terms of reference.


It is not our role to punish companies when deciding what solution to provide. Our awards will be proportionate and will take into account all of the facts in the complaint.

How might things be put right?

If we decide to make an award, and you accept it, the company must take the action that we require. This might include:

  • a service or a practical action, 
  • an apology;
  • an explanation of what has happened; or
  • a financial award.

If a financial award is needed, this will be an amount that we consider appropriate to the individual complaint. We can award up to £10,000.