Iresa Energy: statement and advice to customers

by Ombudsman Services | Jul 27, 2018

The Energy Ombudsman is advising Iresa customers to stay calm and avoid switching supplier, after the energy provider ceased trading.

A spokesman for Ombudsman Services, which is the single ombudsman for the energy sector, said: “We would echo Ofgem’s advice to customers, which is to sit tight and remain calm.

“If you are an Iresa customer, your energy supply will not be disrupted and any outstanding credit balances will be protected under Ofgem’s safety net.

“Ofgem is in the process of choosing a new supplier to take on Iresa’s customers. We expect this process to be completed next week.

“In the meantime our advice would be to sit tight, take a meter reading and resist any temptation to switch energy supplier.”

Ombudsman Services has handled more than 2,000 consumer complaints about Iresa so far this year.

The spokesman added: “From a peak in April and May, when we were handling around 450 Iresa cases per month, complaint volumes had actually started to decrease – suggesting that Iresa was starting to address some of its customer service issues.

“If you are a consumer with an unresolved complaint about Iresa, we will be able to advise on next steps once a supplier has been appointed to take on the company’s customers.

“We will provide further updates in due course.”

You can read Ofgem’s statement about Iresa here