Glide Utilities charges some customers too much for gas

by Ombudsman Services | Apr 24, 2018

What has happened?

Because of a mistake in calculating bills, Glide Utilities has charged some of its customers too much for their gas. For most customers the extra charges were £4 or less. 
Why did this occur?
Gas meters record the amount of gas a customer uses but one unit of gas does not always produce the same amount of energy. The amount of energy a unit of gas produces is determined by its calorific value.  Suppliers need to work out what the charges are for their customers using the average calorific value. For approximately two years Glide Utilities used the wrong calorific value which meant that it charged some customers too much for their gas. Glide Utilities is now using the correct calorific value so it is no longer charging those customers too much for gas.
How it is putting things right?
Glide Utilities worked with the Energy Ombudsman and decided on a plan to correct its mistake for the customers affected. Glide Utilities decided to:

• Refund the amount overcharged to the customers
• Pay interest to the customers on the amount it overcharged
• Apologise to the customers affected by its mistake

The Energy Ombudsman agreed that this is fair for the majority of customers. However, if you are one of those customers affected and you think that this isn’t fair for your circumstances, you should get in touch with Glide Utilities to ask it to look at your particular circumstances.
What happens next?
Glide Utilities has identified all the customers affected by this error. So if you are one of the customers affected you don’t need to do anything because Glide Utilities will contact you directly. However, if you feel you are one of the customers  who has been affected by this mistake and have not heard anything, you should get in touch with Glide Utilities.