Response to government paper on civil justice co-operation as the UK exits the EU

by Ombudsman Services | Aug 23, 2017

The government has published its position paper on dispute resolution post-Brexit: Providing a cross-border civil judicial cooperation framework.

On consumers, the document notes:
“Consumers in the EU and the UK will continue to buy from each other’s retailers and manufactures and need a clear process for resolving any disputes that arise. Consumers should be confident that if they have a dispute they can bring a claim in their own country’s courts regardless of where the supplier is based, and that the resulting judgment will be enforceable.”

Chief Ombudsman Lewis Shand Smith comments: 

“I welcome the government’s commitment to seeking the closest possible co-operation with the EU on civil justice. There needs to be a clear process in place for dealing with cross-border consumer disputes, and we are keen to work closely with the government on the detail of this. 
"Although these plans will see consumers retain the same protections after Brexit, the UK risks quickly falling behind if we don’t keep up with EU plans to strengthen consumer rights over the next few years. The UK has a huge opportunity to lead the way on consumer protection internationally, protecting UK consumers and supporting efforts to promote UK trade by providing greater confidence for businesses and consumers cross-border.”