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Ombudsman Services has significant experience in setting up and implementing schemes across a range of industry sectors. We deliver services that are high quality, proportionate and effective. Our staff are trained to listen and to provide a firm and fair helping hand to service providers and their consumers. 
If you are interested in how we could help your organisation, sector or industry to resolve complaints, please let us know.

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If you wish to sign up to one of our core schemes - communications or energy - please click the 'Join us' button for more information and links to our online application form. 

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If you wish to find out more about how we can help you improve your customer journey please email our business development team

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Why choose Ombudsman Services?   

  • We are easy to use
  • We pass on the learning
  • We work with you, not against you
  • We have over 10 years of experience in investigating and resolving disputes in a range of industries
  • By joining Ombudsman Services, you will show your customers that you take complaints seriously – our brand is a mark of quality. 

We know that companies want their customers to be happy and to keep their business. We also know that from time to time consumers have cause to complain. When you and your customer cannot resolve a dispute that is when we can help. Our services are approved by national regulators including Ofgem, Ofcom and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). Read more about our credentials

We will help you to meet your regulatory, trade and professional requirements and it’s easy to join – even if you’re switching from another dispute resolution provider. To find out more about us, read our good for business brochure.

Our approach

We help to get the complaint resolved as quickly as possible with the most appropriate outcome. We make a difference by resolving individual cases, work closely with companies to provide one-to-one support and share industry-wide advice; this helps to improve the way services are delivered and have a positive impact on sectors as a whole. Ombudsman Services has developed a successful method and approach of operating schemes which puts the customer journey at the centre of the process.

We aim to resolve complaints informally by achieving a resolution which is acceptable to both sides or, when necessary, after a formal investigation. When making decisions, our investigation officers may also make recommendations about how procedures and customer service could be improved to prevent similar complaints happening again. We resolve almost all disputes within six to eight weeks.

Working with you

Each sector we work in has a dedicated Business Relationship Manager If we spot a trend or a new problem we provide advice about how to avoid the problem recurring. We provide opportunities for companies and consumer organisations to raise common issues and to share information. More information about how we support improvements in the sectors we work with.

Our sector liaison panels for property, communications, energy and consumer organisations give us a chance to discuss things face to face. For more information click here.