Vision, mission and values

This page outlines our company vision, mission, values and strategic priorities for the year(s) ahead.


Good for Consumers – Good for business


To provide an affordable path to justice, improve business practice and reduce consumer detriment


  • Having the passion to put things right
  • Continuously learning to break new ground
  • Trusting each other to be our best every day
  • Making a difference together

Strategic principles 2016-2019

  • To provide straightforward, high quality independent dispute resolution
  • To pursue efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability
  • To improve accessibility and encourage greater take up by consumers, businesses and sectors
  • To use our unique knowledge of consumer-provider relationships to the benefit of consumers, business and the economy
  • To develop as a high performing company through an engaged, empowered, diverse and innovative workforce
  • To be socially conscious and environmentally responsible

Priorities for 2017

  • Effectiveness and Efficiency in our complaint handling
  • Developing our collection, analysis and use of data
  • Our relationships with all our key stakeholders
  • Keeping costs down
  • Embedding our Values