Policy and consultation responses

Because of the work we do, we have a lot of information which could be useful to others. Where we can provide valuable insight and information we will do so. Also, when we need to make changes to the way we work we will ask for views about the best direction to take.

Ombudsman Services Consultations 

When we will consult

We are interested in the views of our stakeholders. We believe that if we understand the views of our stakeholders before we take a major decision we will gain a better outcome. You can view our consultation policy here.

Consultations we have responded to

We think it is important that we respond to consultations that affect the sectors we provide redress for, or where we have useful evidence or experience that can contribute to the debate. In our responses we take care to emphasise that we are an independent organisation. You can read our recent consultation responses below.

Ombudsman Services consultations (closed)

We have around 8,900 companies using our services to resolve their customers’ complaints. Last year we resolved over 19,000 complaints. We aim to resolve complaints effectively and quickly – most are sorted within six weeks. We know that just sorting a complaint in isolation is not enough. Participating companies, regulators, customers and Ombudsman Services itself – believe it is important to learn from the complaints we handle. We proposed to make more of the data we hold on complaints available to the public, by publishing regular sets of data on our website for you to use and interpret. We wanted to know what data you would find useful and invited responses - a copy of the closed consultation can be viewed below. 


Consultation outcome:

From autumn 2013 Ombudsman Services will be publishing more data about the complaints it handles. The decision is the outcome of a public consultation held between 17 September and 14 December 2012. The consultation sought the views of companies, regulators and consumer bodies on the types of data they wanted to see published. Click here to read Ombudsman Services consultation on data publishing - response and intentions.