Customer satisfaction research

We regularly ask customers who use Ombudsman Services to let us know what they think of our service. Here is our latest customer satisfaction research.

FAQs about our customer satisfaction research

What is the customer satisfaction research project?
We carry out customer satisfaction research to find out the views of customers who have used our services. If you are asked to contribute, your comments will be in confidence as we commission an independent market research agency to carry out this work for us. Each month we receive reports from the market research agency to tell us how we are doing. We provide a summary of key findings in our annual report. Individuals are not mentioned in the results.

Why does Ombudsman Services conduct the research?
We must provide a consistent and effective service to each customer who contacts us. By undertaking independent research we can measure our successes and identify opportunities for improvement. The regulators look closely at our satisfaction levels when reviewing and approving our schemes.

Who does Ombudsman Services want to hear from?
We want to hear from a broad range of consumers and small businesses, including:

  • those with a complaint which we resolved using informal resolution; and 
  • those with a complaint which was resolved by formal investigation.

Who is the research for?
It is for us. We will use the findings of the research to help improve the ways we work and shape our plans for the future. The regulators look closely at the results and may ask questions about them.

I’d like to take part in the research, how can I give feedback?
To ensure that our research gives us as true a picture as possible of how we are doing, consumers are selected at random by the research agency. However you can give feedback to our advisors at anytime.

I don’t want to be contacted about the research, who should I tell about it?
If you are calling, writing or contacting us online please tell us that you wish to opt out of the research. Alternatively, if you have already been contacted by us and have a case reference number, you can send an 'opt out' email with your reference number, name and postcode to

I’m happy with the service you provided, who should I tell about it?
You can let us know how we are doing at any time by letter, phone or email to

I’m unhappy with the service you provided who should I tell about it?
You can let us know how we are doing at any time by email/letter or phone. If you have a reference number with us and you are unhappy please look at our service standards for more information.

Which market research agency carries out the research?
BMG Research has been appointed to carry out this work for us.

How does BMG Research contact people?
They conduct email surveys with a selection of our customers and ask questions that we have agreed.